Built the right way, one at a time.

Rifles Price
Rifles - Includes Disassemble and Reassemble $350
Bolt group (Micro-Slick, recommended)
    Handle will match receiver (Two Tone)
Barrel & Receiver - Customer Disassemble and Reassemble $200
Scopes - Subject to Inspection & Manufacturer $75- $150
Rings and Bases - Color Same as Receiver $40
Shotguns - Pumps & Includes Disassemble and Reassemble $350
Shotguns - Over/Under Includes Disassemble and Reassemble $400
Barrel or Receiver Customer Disassemble and Reassemble $150 each
Complete Pistols - Most Frame Sizes $250
Slides, Barrels or Frames $100 each
Extra Magazines - Color Same as Gun $10 each
Second Color & Make Two Tone $35
Complete Revolver - Most Medium Frame Sizes $250
Frame, Cylinder or Internals $75 each
Second Color & Make Two Tone $35
Special order colors (metal only) - Cerakote web site $75 each
Call for other firearms or items not listed POR

All Firearms subject to inspection and must be in good working condition. 

Rifles, Inc. Standard Cerakote Metal Options

cerakote graphite black rifle finish       cerakote bronze rifle finish      cerakote titamium rifle finish

Special Color Options-Metal only